Power Raising Kanan’ Detective Howard Tells Kanan Stark That He’s His Father, Not Def-Con; Also He Remembers Everything


In Power Book III: Raising Kanan, episode two of season three, Detective Malcolm Howard Tells Raquel Thomas, that he tell Kanan the truth of who is father is.

He came through on that promise and told him in the first scene of episode three.

“Your whole life you thought Def-vonwas your father, but he ain’t I am. Every thing happen with your mother is for another day, but I found out recently myself. Had I know before I would like to say I would have been there for you, but the truth is I didn’t give a fuck about nobody but myself. I want to be in you life Kanan, whatever that means and whatever that looks like… Your mom’s is going to say I’m crazy, but I’m not.”

Later in the episode, Howard stepped to Kanan again in the final scene and ask what your mom’s talking about I got amnesia I don’t know whats real and what’s not.

“ I’m not crazy. I remember everything you, the little mother f*** that shot me. I took a bullet from you, and now I’m going to take a bullet for you. I’m going to tell nobody what happens in the park. I wouldn’t do that to my son,” said Howard.

You can watch Raising Kanan on Sunday nights at 8 pm EST on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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