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London Brown Reveals Backstory On Fight Scene With Malcolm Mays In Raising Kanan Ep. 5

Patina Miller as Raq Thomas, London Brown as Marvin and Malcolm Mays and Lou Lou in ‘Power Book IIII: Raising Kanan’ | Starz

This Sunday, Power Raising Kanan will not be new because the network is taking a week’s hiatus, according to Power actor London Brown. So, fans can catch up with the first five episodes of the series and return on August 29th for episode six.

However, there was a fight scene between Marvin and Lou Lou Thomas in episode five for those who have been watching and are up to date like me. Brown recently revealed that they had to wear pads when they shot the original scene back in January.

“We filmed that fighting scene, I think, in January or something like that, but the producer didn’t like how we were fighting or how it came out the first time we did it. So, the fight saw you guys saw the first time we had pads underneath, but the producers didn’t like how it turned out,” said Brown.

“So, we did it again, and the footage that you saw, we just actually went for it and really hit each other so we could get the take. I have to give it up to Malcolm [Mays] or Lou Lou because he said let go for it and make it real and get the stuff we need to do. So, that is what we did with that.”

Earlier this year, I talked with Brown about his role as Marvin Thomas, in which he detailed the family dynamics.

“Marvin Thomas is the oldest of the siblings, and I have a daughter named Jukebox [Hailey Kilgore], a sister named Raquel Thomas [Patina Miller], who is the leader of our family operation. I also have a brother Lou-Lou, who is played by Malcolm M. Mays. Then of course there is Kanan [Mekai Curtis] I’m Kanan’s uncle,” said Brown.

You can catch Power Raising Kanan on Starz at 8 pm EST on Sunday nights.

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Written by Landon Buford

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