Chris Paul Is Playing Out Of This World Right Now, Says Wale

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Future Hall of Famer Chris Paul after the Phoenix Suns eliminated the Los Angeles Clippers last week. Has advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in his 16 year career.

According to ESPN’s Stats and Info, Chris Paul will play his 1st NBA Finals game in the 1,214th game of his career. That’s the 2nd-latest into a player’s first-ever Finals game career, behind only Kevin Willis (1,429).

After the Suns beat the Clippers 130-103 behind Chris Paul’s 41 point performances, Paul said, “I was on a don’t-lose mission,” Paul said. “Just a lot of emotion. A lot of (things) going on.”

Last month, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols interviewed Wale on Twitter Spaces. During their chat, Rachel Nichols asked Wale how hard was it for Paul to sit at home during the first-two games of the Western Conference Semifinals.

“He got that psychotic and overly dedicated gene. He is obsessed and has that Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady thing in him,” said Wale.

“Chris Paul has been dealt a crazy hand in his career as far as support. I know this is the closest he has ever been to the finals. He is playing out of this world right now. It’s crazy for him to be watching this, but I know he is proud of his boys going hard like this for sure.”

Rachel Nichols would follow that up by stating, “He was a hamstring away in Houston from reaching his first NBA Finals.

Chris Paul, at the time, was out due to testing positive for Covid-19 and was in health and safety protocol.

“I want to see Chris Paul in the finals, and I think a lot of people see him in there,” Wale said.

The Finals start on Tuesday in Phoenix on ABC at 9 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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