Gabrielle Union Violates Boosie Baddazz [Watch]

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In preparation for her role in “The Inspection,” actress Gabrielle Union found herself doing a lot of in-house research.

“I had to do a lot of research. I had to do just a huge deep dive and not just into who this woman was, it’s a real person, that’s a daunting task in and of itself, but I had to go inside myself to find her humanity and try to figure out: at what point do we intersect?” Union told “CBS Mornings.” 

The movie was released last month and is getting some Oscar consideration for the representation of the Union de Inez Français, the unfavorable mother of a Navy who is hazed and rejected because of his sexual orientation.

In real life, Union is an LGBTQ activist and parent of a transgender daughter.

“people who wouldn’t spit in your direction if you were on fire.” 

“That’s what I had in common with her. I wanted that kind of deep validation from the world. And that was how I got into the character. That kind of sameness, that darkness does live within most of us. And I found that darkness within myself, as well,” said Union. 

Speaking of Union, she recently violated Boosie, who has been very vocal with his opinions towards Union and her family.

“You got alot of d*** on your mind,” said Union.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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