Tommy Egan Cancels Christmas On Milan’s Wife Tatiana Boriskaya In Power Book IV: Force Episode 4


In season two of the Original Power series Milan also known as Dean Chefe, is a Serbian cannibalistic drug kingpin and a primary antagonist of Power. He is the unseen general nemesis of Season 2 and one of the main enemies of season three, along with Kanan Stark and Felipe Lobos. It also serves as a posthumous foe for season four.

In season three, Tatiana Borishkaya can be seen on Truth’s security cameras, leaving what we know now as a La Araña card, The Jimenez Cartel calling card on Ghost’s desk. James St. Patrick then goes looking for Borishkaya at her driver’s license address, but she is not there.

Uh, good evening, sir. I’m here to visit a friend… Tatiana Boriskaya, he tells the front desk attendant.

She and Dean then showed up at St. Patrick’s home to dinner to meet him and his family as an intimidation tactic to keep St Patrick under his thumb. After, Milan forced him and Tommy Egan to work with him as punishment for stealing his product in the previous season.

Fast-forward to the end of season three, St. Patrick and Egan devise a plan to get rid of Milan using the help of Tasha St. Patrick, Andre Coleman, 2-bit, Spanky, and the rest of their crew. They were able to get the jump on Milan and Tatiana the rest of St. Patrick’s security team, with both Egan and Patrick shooting Milan in the head. However, they did not kill the rest of the crew, including Tatiana.

Fast-forward to episode four of Power Book IV: Force, the Serbians come looking for Egan’s associate, Liliana, because they had some of their product at her place, and they wanted it back. And willing to use anything necessary, including burning her with cheap cigars and even trying to kill her. She then gave and said that she would tell them where their product was and reached out to Egan. Liliana was then held against her will until Egan showed up and killed one of the Serbs, and Liliana killed the other with a piece of broken glass. However, before Egan arrived, Liliana discovered the men’s boss was a woman.

Later on in the episode, it turned out that Tatiana Boriskaya was the woman Liliana was referring to. However, when Serbs heard that Tommy Egan was in town, Boriskaya wasn’t interested in Liliana anymore. Tommy delivered Boriskaya her product and told her that she didn’t need Liliana. Before asking we done? Boriskaya replied, “I don’t think so.” During their back and forth convo, she mentioned her boss, Mirkovic, who is in New York, found out that Egan was in Chicago? She asked a follow-up question, how about I kill, and we are even? As she is referring to all of her men that Egan killed.

Kill me? Tatiana, ain’t you heard? I’m already dead, said Egan. So then Vic Flynn showed up and killed both of Boriskaya’s men, then Egan killed her and retook their product.

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Written by Landon Buford

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