The Jimenez Cartel Might Be Making Their Return To Power Book IV: Force


In episode two of Power Book IV: Force, ‘King of the Goddamn Hill’ Tommy Egan discovers a familiar symbol for he and Ghost’s past.

After Egan got the jump on Liliana at the end of the second episode of Power IV Force, one of Ghost’s former drug carriers in her apartment, the two resumed their fight after she got the jump on him in an alley earlier in the episode. He stomps his foot on the floor and finds a brick of cocaine with a familiar symbol on it. The logo looks like the Jimenz Cartel calling card.

If you are not familiar with the Jimenez Cartel, It was one of the main enemies of Ghost and Tommy Egan. Alicia Jimenez and her brother Diego Jimenez are one of the most important antagonists of Power. She is a noted antagonist in Season 2, one of the main antagonists in Season 4, one of the two main antagonists. 

They both ended up dying. Kanan Stark killed Diego as a favor to Ghost in season five, episode seven. Along with his right-hand man, he was lured to a building under the pretenses they would have a good time with some ladies; instead, Kanan pops out and kills them both.

They then cut his head off for proof of death, and it ends up in a refrigerator found by Andre Coleman and his associate Cristobal right before law enforcement removes the head. That next season, Alicia Jimenez.

Would be killed by Jason Micic after Tommy Egan and his crew kidnapped her from the courthouse in an ambulance and brought them to him in a warehouse.

Courtney Kemp will have to see if the Jimenez Cartel could be with Cristobal, the second in command, who is currently in jail. You can catch Power Book IV: Force on Starz at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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