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Zack Miranowic Unleashes a Soul-Stirring Sonic Odyssey with ‘Cryin’ Out’ EP.

Zack Miranowic’s latest offering, the EP that’s “Cryin’ Out” for your attention. In this captivating release, Miranowic, known for his hard-hitting hard rock and heavy metal anthems, takes a detour into the realm of acoustic melodies and singer-songwriter introspection.

The EP’s opening track, “Seems Like Yesterday,” immediately sets the tone with its heartfelt lyrics and Miranowic’s soulful vocals, showcasing a remarkable shift in his sound. The transition is seamless as he dives into “Live Again,” a track that captures the essence of vulnerability and growth with every note.

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The title track, “Cryin’ Out,” is a testament to Miranowic’s versatile songwriting, where he combines acoustic elements with a touch of his signature edge, creating a melodious fusion that leaves an indelible mark.

Yet, the real surprise lies in the EP’s final masterpiece, “A Matter of Life and Death.” Miranowic’s exceptional guitar work leads you on a musical adventure reminiscent of progressive rock legends like Pink Floyd and Rush. This track is a testament to his diverse influences and innovative approach to music.

“Cryin’ Out” is a departure from Miranowic’s previous work, but it’s a departure worth celebrating. It’s an exploration of his musical range, interwoven with the echoes of classic rock legends. With this EP, Zack Miranowic proves that he’s not confined by genre, but rather, he’s an artist who’s constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of his craft.

For those seeking a sonic adventure that transcends the boundaries of rock, “Cryin’ Out” is the EP you’ve been waiting for. Get ready to lose yourself in this musical masterpiece that’s an exquisite blend of nostalgia and innovation. Zack Miranowic’s “Cryin’ Out” is more than an EP; it’s a musical odyssey that demands to be heard.








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“I would like to thank Allyson Song River and CowGirlZen Entertainment for helping me to reach new audiences. I would also like to thank my family and friends for always tuning in and supporting my passion for music.” -Zack Mianowic.

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