Young Dolph – Bulletproof



It takes more than 100 bullets to faze Young Dolph. Last month, after unknown assailants crashed into and fired 100 gunshots at Dolph’s SUV in Charlotte, NC., the rapper emerged unscathed and took the stage mere hours afterwards to perform “Play With Your Bitch,” a savage diss track to his foes. Building upon that career defining moment, Dolph shares Bulletproof, a lean, mean collection of trap anthems, purpose-built to propel Dolph to national stardom.  Featuring Gucci Mane as the only guest, each song title is aimed straight at his haters and asserts his dominance over all comers.  His second project of the year, following the popular and acclaimed Gelato, Bulletproof reaffirms Dolph’s self-proclamation of being not merely being the King of Memphis but the king of trap anthems with substance and manner.

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