Woody McClain Explains How He Landed The Role Of Cane Tejada On Power Book II: Ghost

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The Crew Has It Podcast this week with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. They have Woody McClain, who plays Cane Tejada as their guest. The episode features them discussing various topics, including how he landed the part of Cane in Power Book II: Ghost.

Before the Power Universe was potentially even an option, McClain had the opportunity to play Bobby Brown in The New Edition Story. This television series debuted in 2017 and returned as Bobby Brown a year later in The Bobby Brown Story. Unfortunately, he would not book anything after that for a year.

“I was just in acting classes heavy, and then, right after New Edition, I did the Bobby Brown thing, and then I was just like chilling for a whole year. I haven’t booked nothing. I was on iced. I remember just chilling for that whole year, nothing happened and then my neighbor, my homegirl, shout out to Erica [Watson]. She lived next door to me, and she was like, come over here to the crib. So, I went over to the crib. She pauses the tv; she’s like, sit down. She’s into crystals and stuff…She goes in the back, comes back, and then puts like lines up all these crystals all over me,” said McClain.

So, I’m sitting there and she alright, we are going to speak what you want. Alright, cool, I really want to do a tv show. I want to be a series regular. She’s like, all right, cool, keep going, keep going, and then she’ll name out some stuff, and she’s like, all right, cool, that’s what it is. Then I close my eyes we do this prayer and then that’s what it was. Two days later I got the call for Power. But when I came in and she paused the tv what we was watching was Power. I swear I put it on everything I love.”

McClain was then asked to go through the audition process.

“They said okay, so [your] auditioning for the spin-off of Power; you’ll be Cane [Tejada] like a flashy uh flamboyant like stuff like that, and then it was like the scene from the fight scene [in season one of Ghost] from the pilot at the party]. It was so short,” said McClain.

I remember doing that scene in the room, and Courtney was like oh my God, I wish I had more for you to do. I was like well do you want me to do it in Spanish. She’s like wait a minute you speak Spanish I’m like hell nah. Everybody f***ing died laughing. I think that small moment showed them a lot.”

McClain would later share that he didn’t think he would get the role because Quincy Brown also was auditioned for the part. He assumed that he would be the one they picked. However, that was not the case when his representation called him back to inform him that he had indeed booked the show.

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Written by Landon Buford

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