LightSkinKeisha Reveals How She Got Started In Entertainment [Watch]

This week on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo they brought in LightSkinKeisha for the season two premiere of the podcast. During the conversation it was asked what was the first thing in entertainment that she wanted to do.

You know what’s crazy? Is because like I honestly okay so my claim to fame, I was really just talking s***. So, like back in the day like I used to work a job or whatever you know I’m saying a little nine to five. I was working at at Topgolf. So, the distance I was you know from Atlanta so the distance that I was driving it was like a 45 minute drive every day, and if it was traffic it was about like an hour 30,” said Keisha.

“So ,I didn’t have nothing but time while I’m in that car so I’ll be in my Hyundai and I’ll be driving to work you know what I’m saying but I just pick up the phone and I’m just talking s*** and in one of my videos went viral and then s*** started going viral but people would be like oh you’re a comedian right? And I’m like no like I’m just talking this is just me I’m not I’m not telling jokes like I’m being dead ass I’m talking about my experiences so people just found me funny because I guess it’s just the way that I say s***. So, people just find me funny. “

She would later say, “So, it was this one particular video where I was like it’s Act Up season we’ve been active we acting up on these n***s like literally you know what I’m saying just talk about s***, and it out of nowhere like the s*** went viral [on Instagram].

“I was on Instagram kind of like when it first started right so when that started going viral I was like what the f***. I see my followers at the time I had probably like 50 000 followers so at the time like when it went viral I see my followers going from like 50 000 to like 200k like right immediately I was like what the f*** I just prayed to God I was like listen I don’t know what’s about to happen, and it’s crazy because at the time like oh my God is this a transparency like moment I was dealing with a right ? So, like I was dealing with it, but and I found I literally I had prayed right I was like God like what’s about to happen remove anybody that don’t need to be around me. Come to find out like I’m scrolling I see a picture because at his baby shower. He had whole baby on the way. It was on the explore page with a big smile on his face in the Burberry.”

Power Book II: Ghost season three will make it’s debute on March 17th.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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