Wack 100 Says He Wants To Create A Self Contained Community, With Elon Musk, And His Podcast is Coming Soon

The Infamous Wack 100 was on Clubhouse on Sunday afternoon in the Trollz Nation room. The panel talked about waiting to leave a legacy and passing down generational wealth during the discussion.

“I want to create something with Elon Musk where people in our community can order their groceries, and we have people in our community that’s their job to go pick up everybody’s s*** up. I want a self-contained where it is an incredible situation,” said Wack 100.

Later on in the conversation Wack 100 revealed Trollz Nation creator CEO Reek is going to join him as a co-host on an upcoming podcast that he has in the works.

“I don’t know if this, but I’m putting together the podcast, The Wack100 Show, and Reek are my other personality on my show… Akademiks is already trying to get me a deal under his platform. You are my other personality of this show, so now I just need a female. We need one of them females, that’s respectful, but they don’t give a f***, and they know how to do their research. Because sometimes they have to ask questions to men that we can’t ask because we men.”

He added the podcast will be geared towards independent and unsigned artist spotlight and he will be partnering with big podcast such as No Jumper and DJ Akademiks they will run a triangle where it that opportunity would not happen.

Earlier this month, Wack 100 also revealed that NBA Youngboy & Tekashi 6ix9ine have a collaboration on the way.

“It’s already done,” said Wack 100. 6ix9ine’s European tour is done; his radio promo is already worked out. Yo, this is me. Business is business.”

Per Wack, they are waiting on things to get cleared.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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