Miami Heat Exec Lorenzo Butler On Dwyane Wade & Dirk Nowitzki Possibly Headlining 2024 HOF Class

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It’s projected that Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, and Tony Parker will headline the 2024 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. During Wade’s One Last Dance, the Mayor of Wade County took his final trip to Dallas, Texas. The city where he won his first championship against the Dallas Mavericks in 2006.

After that Miami Heat thee Dallas Mavericks 112-101 on February 19, 2019, Wade was asked about the possibility of him and Dirk co-headlines in the 2024 Hall of Fame Class.

“It would be phenomenal. I played this game because it was my sanctuary because it was my way out. When I picked up a basketball I didn’t pick up and say I wanted to be a  Hall of Famer one day, ” Wade said.

“So, to be in that position to one day walk away from this game, and to be able to say I could be a Hall of Famer in this game. To be able to enter the Hall of Fame hopefully one day with other great players that you played against and had battles against would be incredible.”

Later on in the evening, Dirk Nowitzki was asked the same question.

“We have competed against each other our entire career and it has been an honor against one of the greats and it would be fun.”

On Tuesday night Miami Heat Executive Lorenzo Butler was on the Clubhouse App in the Game Changers room hosted by Fabian Lyon.

During the panel question and answer session, Butler was asked about the possibility of Wade and Nowitzki going into the Hall of Fame together?

“Both of those guys are phenomenal. It’s weird for me, I remember Dwyane [Wade] being in college and Dirk [Nowitzki] coming in from Germany. I remember them being so young and now, they are going to be Hall of Famers and it feels weird for me,” said Butler.

“I don’t know if that is a midlife crisis or what, but they’re Hall of Famers, and I think both are very deserving of that. It is great to see that a new wave of players in the post [Michael] Jordan era succeed and become great in their own rights.

It’s cool to see that Dwyane’s rookie year was the year after Jordan’s last year in Washington, and I think Dirk was on the tail end of Jordan’s career. So, it’s interesting to see those guys now as the elder statesmen and Hall of Famers, but I think they are very deserving.”

On January 5th Dirk Nowitzki will have his jersey retired against the Golden State Warriors and according to Mark Cuban, the Mavericks will be dropping some special NFTs.

“I love Dirk to death, said Cuban.

I’m thrilled for him. Every award he gets is awesome. We’re not going to have a statue unveiling or anything like that. We might tease what it looks like, but it’s pretty obvious what it’s going to look like. We’re going to have some special NFT’s made.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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