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Rihanna Draws Comparison To Aaliyah From Music Historian

It has been 20 years since Aaliyah died tragically in a plane crash, but her popularity has not declined. On the contrary, many still consider her to be one of the most successful and influential R&B musicians of all time.

The singer’s catalog is finally being rolled out on streaming services and digital showcases after a crazy and prolonged absence, and fans rushed to support the first reintroduced title, helping the fallen superstar demonstrate her undeniable power on at least one Billboard chart.

This week, Aaliyah not only reappears on the R&B Digital Song Sales chart, a ranking as one of the most sold R&B titles in the USA, but it also dominates the list. The Grammy nominee occupies five places on the counter, which consists of only 15 places. This means that Aaliyah commands a third of the real estate available this time.

Over the weekend, Kath Iandoli was on Clubhouse in Aaliyah’s room, providing insight into the One in Million artist career.

Iandoli shared that if Aaliyah were still here, she would be similar to Rihanna.

“I think Aaliyah would have been like Rihanna personally. I think in the sense of having her hands in so many different things simultaneously. Beyoncé would always be Beyonce. Her destiny was always to be Beyoncé. She was Destiny’s Child, pun intended. She would always be Beyoncé, and people like to say if Aaliyah were here, there would be no Beyoncé. No, I think Beyoncé was still going to be Beyoncé while Aaliyah was here. I think that is so incorrect, and it just speaks to the misogyny in the music industry to assume one icon has to not be here for the other to flourish when it comes to women. Which I think is completely unfair,” said Iandoli.

I think for me personally, this is just my opinion, and I think she would have been in the same trajectory because of the timing and the speed at which she was doing things. Her ‘Dolly Pop’ line with Kidada Jones was supposed to come out next year, a fashion accessory line. She was doing film, and her next project was to do because people said she would stop recording for a while. No, she was going to go into rock. She was supposed to work with Trent Reznor. She would reinvent the wheel, and we don’t know what the fourth album would have been. Would she have made peace with Timberland and Missy Elliott in terms of creativity, maybe? Would she have stayed with Static Major as her co-pilot? Probably, so the fourth album might have been the proof that people needed to see the common thread of genius from 1994 forward was Aaliyah.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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