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NBA 2K Actor Sheldon Bailey Talks Returning In NBA2K22 As ATM

NBA 2k

NBA 2k unleashed the trailer for the latest installment to NBA 2k22 that will make its debut on Friday.

NBA 2K creates a massive player experience. The City introduced NBA 2K21 when the famed basketball video game franchise arrived on PS5, and Xbox Series X is back. 

MyCAREER, of course, is back and will present a brand new narrative experiment that will feature an original story based on the quest and vibe that all takes place within The City. Players will once again pick up their created players on a virtual journey to build a successful NBA career. 

During downtime, players can bring their created avatars to The City. They can always participate in collection games and activities with friends and the overall NBA 2K community and gain rewards in the process.

When it comes to NBA 2K, fan innovations can rejoice at The City. The video game studio has finally confirmed that you can be a rap icon or a fashion tycoon. The City trailer gives us an overview of the short MP for My Player in the studio in one scene and walking along a runway from one fashion show to another. It also shows that Kendrick Perkins has been added to the game. This ought to be interesting.

On Tuesday evening, I spoke with Sheldon Bailey, who will be returning featured for the fifth time as ATM and appeared in a version in the past as the My Player. Last year’s version of NBA 2K21 also saw him reprise his role as ATM as part of my player story.

“ATM is the name of the character ‘Money whenever you need it is the tagline.’ He is one of the most popular characters in My Career, and he is a guy that can be on your side or against you,” said Bailey

“Many people like him, and some people like to go against ATM. He was talking real reckless in NBA 2K18, and people really have not gotten over that yet.”

Will ATM be a part of the main storyline this year, or will he be part of the alternate root storyline?

“This time, ATM will show up as an individual and will be part of the storyline. He is a character that you have to come across one way or another. The two most tenure guys in 2K are Jackson Ellis and ATM. Actor Will Blagrove plays Ellis. So, we both appear in the game, and we are both in the trailer. So, it is going to be exciting because the trailer was just released today. Ronnie 2K dropped the trailer. So, we are all excited to see the trailer, and the graphics look super fire. Whenever you play My Career mode, you play in the city, which will replace the neighborhood. So, the game is intricate now. It is the most intricate on the market. You really don’t have to play anything else because there’s so many different things you can do within 2K.”

So, make sure you go grab your copy of NBA 2K22 when it drops later this week.

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Written by Landon Buford

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