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Aaliyah Would Have Beyoncé’s Star Power If Still Alive, Says WNBA Insider

At the beginning of September, Aaliyah’s music catalog was finally released on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. She has also been dominating the charts.

Also at earlier this month, Kath Iandoli was on Clubhouse in Aaliyah’s room and shared her insight on the R&B singer. During the conversation, Iandoli talked about Beyonce and addressed the question if Aaliyah was here today, would Beyonce still be the Icon she is today.

Beyoncé would always be Beyonce. Her destiny was always to be Beyoncé. She was Destiny’s Child, pun intended. So she would always be Beyoncé, and people like to say if Aaliyah were here, there would be no Beyoncé. No, I think Beyoncé was still going to be Beyoncé while Aaliyah was here. I think that is so incorrect, and it just speaks to the misogyny in the music industry to assume one icon has to not be here for the other to flourish when it comes to women. Which I think is completely unfair,” said Iandoli.

WNBA Insider and Founder of ‘Girls Talk Sports,’ Khristina Williams, believe Aaliyah would have Beyoncé star power.

“I think if Aaliyah was still alive then she would have Beyoncé’s star power,” said Williams.

Timberland shared in an interview with the Breakfast Club in 2012, “I think she would have been Beyoncé status ’cause she was the first one who was doing all those things.”

Meanwhile, T-Pain thinks Aaliyah would trying to be like Beyoncé, “If she was still alive, everybody would be like ‘she’s trying to be like Beyonce,” said Pain.

“People try to – and I ain’t discrediting Aaliyah in any kind of way, but you know how sometimes when people die – you know how someone’s an asshole their whole life, but when you go to their funeral [people are] like ‘this man was the greatest man in the whole world’ [Crowd boos]

No, I’m not saying Aaliyah [is an asshole]. Nobody’s good enough because she passed. If she was still alive, everybody would be like, ‘she’s trying to be like Beyonce’ if she was still alive right now. Now that she’s passed, people are like, ‘nobody could be her. Nobody! ’ That’s just how I feel, and that’s how people are. People just look for shit to talk about.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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