Raquel Thomas Bodied Scrappy After Tip From Detective Howard That He’s A Snitch

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Episode one of season two of Raising Kanan showed the backstory of Scrappy, who turned out to be the son of a bookie, and his mother had a card game in her basement every Wednesday. According to Kanan Stark’s order narrating the scene, there wasn’t anything that Scrap wouldn’t bet on.

I showed him winning $500 off Marvin Thomas on McDonald’s fries. The over/under was 50, and Scrap took the over, which was 51 fries in a large order. Raquel didn’t want to bring any heat to their organization and told Scrap to lay off the dice and the cards in his mother’s basement, but you know gamblers can’t stay away from the tables.

At the end of the episode, Scrappy is busted at his mom’s house playing cards and brought into the station by the police. While the police question Scrappy and his mother, one of the officers reveals that one of them is a CI for the cops to detective Howard.

In episode two, Howard encounters Raquel Thomas and tells her he will tell her son Kanan that he is his father. He also reveals that he had a DNA test taken on the low. Howard also shared that Scrappy was a snitch for law enforcement and that he was only telling her because he wanted to protect his son Kanan.

Last week on MoveBot, he shared in his episode recap that one of his death predictions was Scrappy because Thomas is trying to expand with his gambling addiction. He can now be considered more of a liability than a soldier.

At the end of the episode, Lou-Lou and Marvin picked up Scrappy and brought him to a warehouse, where Raquel Thomas ultimately pulled the trigger and killed Scrappy. The only problem is that many fans believe his mother is the snitch.

The actor that plays Scrappy is Ade Chike Torbert, and Darren Paltrowitz recently interviewed him. During this interview, Torbert was asked how much of Scrappy in him.

“I love scrappy, so any chance I  get to talk about him, I’m always happy too,” said Tobert.

“Scrappy for me; I’m from Brooklyn, born and raised. So, I grew up with scrappies on the corner and saw these guys there. I went to school with some of these  guys, so I just wanted to pull from my life experiences and perspective and try my best to bring some humanity to the character.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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