Raising Kanan’s London Brown Gives Some Insight On LeToya Luckett’s Character Kenya And Dynamics With Marvin Thomas

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Last August, it was announced that Letoya Luckett would join the Power Universe in the Raising Kanan series, according to Deadline.

Deadline revealed that Luckett would play Kenya, Jukebox’s mother and Marvin’s ex. She left her family when Jukebox was very young and tried to succeed in LA as a singer, but three years ago, she returned to New York. When she returned, she settled in Harlem, where the church was prominent in her life.

London Brown plays Marvin Thomas, and in a recent interview with, Brown talked about the dynamics between Marvin and Kenya and some insight into Luckett’s character.

“So, with her character, from what I know, she comes back into our lives out of nowhere and as far as the dynamics between us. We have old stuff that we have to hash out. We have some unsettled business. So, when we meet up, Marvin is like, we gotta talk. We gotta figure [it] out how, and I think we bring clarity for the audience on why the dynamic between Marvin and Jukebox is the way it is or why Jukebox is the [way] she is,” said Brown.

“Letoya Luckett’s character without giving too much away. She is a vital part of our story as a family unit or a separated family. So, I think the audience will get a chance to understand why Jukebox is the way she is and why Marvin acts the way he does. [We] see them bring it together and flush out some stuff.”

You can find the full interview with London Brown below, and make sure to tune in for the season premiere of Power Book III: Raising Kanan on August 14th on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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