DJ Khaled Says He Has The Biggest Record In The World & Live Life To Fullest After “Staying Alive” Drops

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DJ Khaled starts promoting his 13th studio album “GOD DID,” which will be released later this month by dropping his single “Staying Alive” and his official video. Starring Drake and Lil Baby, the release serves as a Khaled single for God Did, which he announced in July.

“I’ve been blessed to get so many great calls every day from all my peers, ‘Yo Khaled, I love your rollout,’ this and that. I told ’em, ‘Listen, I haven’t even started my rollout,’” he said Thursday in an Instagram video. “But today we start. Tonight we start. Right now we start.”

Before the release, the Grammy-winning producer shared a few photos from the video shoot, which took place at a fictional facility called the “Khaled Khaled Hospital.”

“We represent the future of medicine,” reads the hip-hop hospital’s “mission statement.” “Our surgical residents are at the top of their class, our highly decorated doctors are at the top of their fields, and our equipment is simply put—state of the art. We are here to ensure that you are always #StayingAlive. We’re here to do GOD’s work.”

On Friday afternoon, Khaled was on Instagram Live listening to “Stay Alive.” He was also celebrating with a cake.

“This cake is for you all, and it’s for me, and it’s for Drake and Lil Baby. I want to make this clear in life, and if I wait for someone to bring me a chocolate cake with ice cream and the s***, I love to eat if I expect this to come to me,” said Khaled.

“It’s never going to happen, so what do I do? I get my own f***ing cake, alright. If you are waiting for someone to bring you a cake, stop. They’re never going to bring it. Get your cake. They don’t want you to live, so make sure you stay alive and live life to the fullest because I am.”

Khaled before turning off the live thanked the fans for their support.

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Written by Landon Buford

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