Wack 100 Reacts To DJ Akademiks Dissing Meek Mill, Lil Baby, And Kanye West, I’ve Seen Kanye Tell White People, How About I Offer You $400 Million To Buy Your Company

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Billionaire Michael Rubin had most of the Hip hop industry at his home in Hamptons this past weekend for his July 4th white party.

However, DJ Akademiks finds it odd for rappers like Drake, JAY-Z, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Meek Mill to gravitate towards white billionaires like Rubin and Robert Kraft. According to Akademiks, who “aren’t Hip Hop.”

He also thinks that they act differently when they are around white men with money.

To prove his point, he released a video of Meek Mill bunny-hopping for Rubin after losing a bet on a tennis game.

Akademiks also shared a video of Lil Baby where Baby bets Rubin six of her braids that Baby can stay up all night and another video where Kanye West holds a plate of food so a white designer can eat it.

“When they are hanging out with these [billionaires], they are doing things that make it seem like they are compromised characters,” Akademiks said.  “It’s kind of interesting, I don’t what’s going on, but it’s interesting.”

Well, recently, Wack 100, who has business dealings with Akademiks, Kanye West, and Lil Baby was asked about Akademiks’ comments.

“Ak, don’t mingle around those circles at all, period! I know that [&] two Kanye is out of his mind with his pro-black s***. I’m not saying that in a bad way, but I have been there with the man. I know how he talks to these people; I see how he handles them because he doesn’t care [about them] like that. Lil Baby is the most street dude I’ve seen in this industry, and he don’t care about none of that s*** on that side. He only cares about getting his money and staying out of everybody’s way,” said Wack 100.

“He doesn’t give a f*** about they parties; they have to beg him to go around certain shit, they feel like he needs to be seen at… Meek Mill, I don’t know the dance Meek is doing. I don’t know where Ak going with this s***. Especially with those two, I’ve watched Kanye tell a mother****, we got a $100 million deal on the table, and he tells a motherf***ing white dude, the way I’m going to do this if you work for me. How about I offer you $400 million to buy your company and you dance.”

Wack would say Kanye will wait in the cut, then light Akademiks up, while you will never hear a response from Lil Baby.

Meanwhile, speaking of West, The Game was performing in Los Angeles on Friday night and brought Kanye out to perform their hit record, ‘Eazy, according to Hip Hop Journalist Shirley Ju.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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