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Drake’s Scary Hours 3: Unraveling Shoutouts, Taylor Swift Tribute, and Kanye References

Drake, the renowned Canadian rapper and chart-topper, unleashed a surprise for his fans with the release of the highly-anticipated third installment of his EP series, “Scary Hours.” The EP, dropped on a Friday, carried unexpected shoutouts and lyrical revelations that set tongues wagging within the music industry and fan circles alike.

In a standout moment from the EP’s second disc, Drake surprised listeners with a surprising tribute to none other than Taylor Swift. Within his bars, he rapped, “Taylor Swift the only n–– that I ever rated / Only one that could make me drop the album just a little later.” This unprecedented homage to Swift, acknowledging her as the sole individual capable of delaying his album release, left many intrigued.

The track continued with Drake’s assertion towards other artists, asserting, “Rest of ya’ll, I treat ya’ll like you never made it / Leave your label devastated / Even when you pad the stats, period, I never hated.” These lines, laden with confidence and assertiveness, showcase Drake’s unapologetic attitude towards his contemporaries in the music industry.

Further along in the song, Drake addresses his interactions with Kanye West, hinting at previous conflicts and attempts at reconciliation. He references moments when West reached out, leaving Drake feeling hopeful about reconciling their differences and moving past their disputes. However, the rapper discerns a pattern of premeditated actions, hinting at a lack of authenticity in their attempts to resolve their issues.

Drake’s mention of Kanye West in “Red Button” echoes previous tensions and aligns with Swift’s past comments on West’s actions. Swift, in a 2019 Rolling Stone interview, candidly addressed the fallout from the infamous VMAs incident and West’s controversial track “Famous.” She highlighted a similar experience of betrayal by West, stating, “He gravely affected the trajectory of Drake’s family and their lives. It’s the same thing. Getting close to you, earning your trust, detonating you.”

This latest release, “Scary Hours 3,” follows Drake’s pattern of surprising his audience with unexpected drops. It marks the evolution of his EP series, which debuted with the original “Scary Hours” in 2018, featuring hits like “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity,” and was followed by “Scary Hours 2” in 2021, a three-song collection that continued to captivate fans.

Before the EP’s release, Drake, in an Instagram video, expressed his unwavering confidence in the quality of his latest work. He confidently stated, “I feel so confident about the body of work I just dropped that I know I can go and disappear for whatever… six months, a year… two years.”

Drake’s surprise shoutouts, Taylor Swift tribute, and references to past conflicts with Kanye West in “Scary Hours 3” have ignited fervent discussions among fans and music enthusiasts, leaving them eager for more insights into the intricacies of the rapper’s world and eagerly anticipating his next moves in the music realm.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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