Powers’ La La Anthony Talks About Using Fake ID To Land Her First Internship At Radio Station At 16 And Met Ludacris

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On this weeks episode of The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. And Gianni Paolo their guest was La La Anthony. If you are not familiar she played LaKeisha Grant on the Original Power series.

During her appearance, Anthony shared how he entered the entertainment business.

“So when I was around 16 years old, I moved to Atlanta, went to the opening of Wu-Tang at that time had a store, and I was in love with Method Man. So, I was like, I gotta go see Method Man a little bit on my groupie s***, but it paid off in the end because I went to go see Meth, which is crazy. After all, now, he’s on [Power Book II: Ghost] like the world is small,” said Anthony.

“He is a great guy love his wife nothing but love and respect. Still, back then, I was like, I gotta be met them in, so I went to the opening of the Wu-Tang store, and there were like these people hanging up posters and doing all this stuff, kind of like what you see on the wall here. I was just like, what are y’all doing? And they were like, are we interning for this radio station?”

She added, “I was like, oh, I want to do that because I could get into concerts and in-stores like I love hip-hop. That was always me. So, I was like, and this could be a dope job. So, I was like, how do I apply? And they gave me some guy’s number. I called him, and he was like, well, for this internship, you got to be, I think it was like 18 years old or something.

I was like, cool, I’m 18, so I went and got a fake ID made it worked to my benefit, got the internship, and that’s how I started at 16, working for the radio station, and then I met Ludacris during that time because he was working there. Then I got on the radio with him and a guy named Poon Daddy.”

Anthony would later move to Los Angeles after Ludacris informed her and the rest of the people involved with the show they could travel on the road with him or they had to find other work. Anthony was able to land a job in LA, which would later lead to her hosting shows on MTV at 18 or 19.

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Written by Landon Buford

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