Powers’ Dante Spears AKA Mecca Is A Government Informant, According To Davis Maclean


Dante Spears, aka Mecca, is one of the most significant informants on record, according to Davis McClean, Tariq St. Patrick’s lawyer. Davis warned Tariq to watch his a**, and this is right after St. Patrick was warned by Cane Tejada that there was a tracker in the bag that was stolen from Spears apartment.

When Spears paid St Patrick a visit and threatened him, but he turned the tables on him and used that fact that he was a major snitch to finesse him for $2 million to eventually pay for his lawyer in an offshore account. This is after Spears shared that he knew about Tariq’s father, uncle, and what he did to his father. The plot twist came when Spears referenced Felipe Lobos, who he snitched on, but as he was leaving, he told Tariq ‘When you see your father in h***, tell your father Dante, said good looking out.”

Lobos was Ghost and Tommy’s connect in the first couple of seasons in the original Power series. Ghost and Tommy killed Lobos after breaking him out of federal custody and took him into the woods. After, he was shot by Ghost they left him for the bird to eat his remains.

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Written by Landon Buford

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