Power Book II’s Berto Colón Read For Tommy Egan & Carlos Ruiz, And Didn’t Read For Lorenzo Tejada At First

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On The Crew Has It With Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo this week, the guest is Berto Colón, aka Lorenzo Tejada.

During the episode Berto was asked when did Power happened and when did he get the called.

“I actually went and read for Power Original. So, Antonio Ramos’s character [Carlos Ruiz] and I think I read for Tommy [Egan] first then I was a downgrade. Like obviously I wasn’t gonna that wasn’t even a call back but it was like Tommy and then it was like [Carlos Ruiz]. Then after that it was Cabeza Ricans from the Bronx too he I forget his f***ing actor’s name I should have reviewed this before I came here, but it was three different characters and never panned out.

I don’t probably give some bulls*** a** read but then years later when this came also did not read for Lorenzo at first. I read for another character who’d about. I know it ended up being another character in the series that did not pan out because I wasn’t Lorenzo, but the great story about that is that. I left the room, and Anthony Hemingway and Bart were in the room. I had already tried it out. I had already read with Anthony in room three other f***ing times; damn, one of them got Christy Love which is also a show that Courtney wrote,” said Colon.

“So, I remember walking in there and, like, I’ve never gone to an audition where you could give a hug to the customer like it just felt completely f***ing comfortable, like there was no doubt that I was going in there. I was solid. I was good, but  I remember that right vividly around this time.”

He added, “I was able to kind of say I wasn’t holding on to stuff after you leave the auditioning room. I was just going in and spilling my guts and the rest of the day was the rest of the day.

He would later say, “That felt good, but as I’m leaving, I get the call my agents called me, and they were like, listen. So, that didn’t work out don’t worry how would you like to play perhaps what do you think of the Monet who was played by Mary J right they’re looking to cast a husband.”

Stay tuned for season three of Power Book II, which sounds like it might premiere in 2023.

Written by Landon Buford

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