Power Book II: Ghost’s Cane Tejada Has Father Lorenzo Jumped To Get Him Sell Drugs For Noma After Killing Zeke Cross

Power Book II Ghost, Cane Tejada, the ruthless enforcer for the Tejada drug empire, is tasked with pressuring his own father, Lorenzo Tejada, into selling drugs for their rival gang, the Noma. Cane takes this order seriously and decides to have his father jumped by some goons to intimidate him into submission. The scene is both heartbreaking and shocking as Lorenzo, who had previously been a respected and feared drug lord, is beaten and humiliated in front of his own son. The viewer can see the internal conflict within Cane as he watches his own father being beaten, but ultimately, he chooses to follow orders to maintain his loyalty to the Tejada family.

The reason behind this brutal act is that Cane had figured out that his father, Lorenzo, was responsible for the death of his older brother, Zeke Cross. Cane had always been loyal to the Tejada family, but his love for his brother is what motivates him to seek the truth about Zeke’s death. When Cane finally confronts his father about this, Lorenzo admits to the murder, but justifies it by saying that Zeke was a liability and a danger to the family. This revelation causes Cane to lose all respect for his father and ultimately, leads to him being willing to go to such extremes to maintain the Tejada’s drug empire. The scene is a testament to the show’s ability to portray complex family dynamics and the lengths that people will go to protect those they love, even if it means betraying their own flesh and blood.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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