Monet Tejada Catches Another Body This Time It’s A Member Of Lil Guap’s Crew, Cane Catches Two Bodies & Dru Catches Another Body

Power’s Cane, a notorious figure in the criminal underworld, made headlines once again after a violent altercation involving Dru on Everett Place. The incident began when a group of individuals known as the Guaps jumped Dru Tajada in the street. After Dru learned who jumped him Cane intervened, taking out two of the Guaps and kidnapping another.

The precise details of what happened on Everett Place are still unclear, but reports suggest that Power’s Cane was acting as a vigilante, seeking to protect Tajada from the Guaps. The incident has reignited debates about the role of violence in communities, and whether or not individuals have the right to take justice into their own hands.

Cane then brought the Guap member to the family bar where Cane shared with his mother that Zeke’s Championship and Dru’s chain was pulled off the individual. Then Lorenzo said he must of pulled it off of him when he killed Zeke. Then Monet proceed to kill him and told her husband and son to clean up the mess. However, before the trigger was pulled, the Guap member said he was hired to jump Dru and it was probably Lorenzo was the one who hired him. since he immediately jumped in and said don’t believe anything this guys said and of course, he was going to lie to save himself. He shared he was out of the country when Zeke was killed.

Meanwhile, Dru takes out Tariq St. Patrick competition on Wall Street by pushing him in front of a moving van. The person was named Nick who sold drugs with the front of being a personal trainer at Weston Holdings.

As Lorenzo and Cane moved the body, he admitted to f***ing up and killing Zeke by mistake since he was in Mecca’s jets and car. So, Cane used it tell Lorenzo that he was going to help move Noma’s weight since he now owns him.

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