Gordo Castillo Bodies Lorenzo Tejada After Monet Tejada Reveals Lorenzo Put A Hit Out On Uncle Frank [Watch]

The atmosphere was tense as Power’s Gordo Castillo confronted Lorenzo Tejada in front of Zeke Cross’ mural. Monet Tejada had just informed Castillo that Lorenzo had put out a hit on his father, Frank Castillo.

Lorenzo’s admission that he had killed Zeke Cross by mistake added fuel to the fire. In a split second, Castillo drew a knife and attacked Lorenzo, a knife into the side of his neck and he bled out laying motionless on the ground. The scene was brutal and shocking, leaving witnesses in shock and horror.

Castillo’s actions were a clear demonstration of the deadly consequences of being involved in the drug trade. In the world of drug kingpins and gangs, violence is often the only way to resolve conflicts. Lorenzo’s death was a reminder of the harsh reality of this world, and it sent shockwaves through the Tejada organization. The repercussions of this event would be felt for a long time to come.

Lorenzo Tejada finally came clean because he felt the guilt on his conscience, but it was already to late because Monet knew the truth of what happened to Zeke when Davis MaClean shared the police report that showed Lorenzo left finger prints at Mecca’s hanger.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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