Malcolm Mays Shares How Lou-Lou Evolves From Season One To Two


Sunday, August 14th, was the official release date for the premiere of Raising Kanan season two. On Saturday evening, Malcolm Mays was on Instagram Live interacting with Power Fans and answering questions.

During the chat, Mays shared how Lou-Lou Thomas, who he plays in the series, evolved from season one to two and revealed that he did not see the episode before the premiere of it on Sunday morning at 12 am.

“Lou-Lou is trying to start his own thing. He is trying to be more self-reliant this season, and it may or may not go right,” said Mays.

In the first ten minutes of episode one of season two, Lou-Lou can be seen arguing with his girlfriend, Jessica Figueroa, about her little brother, famous, not taking off. As a result, he has been smoking weed instead of putting in the work needed to get to where he wants to be as an artist. He is waiting for Lou-Lou to give him beats to write to instead of lyrics and getting the beat. After he argues with Jessica, Thomas meets a singer by the name of Zisa at the stoplight and introduces himself to her.

Lou-Lou Thomas brought her into the studio and introduced her to everyone else, sending a clear message to everyone in the place, including Famous, Jessica, and Crown Camacho.

Jessica Figueroa is out for herself and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a head in the music industry, including sleeping with Thomas’s business partner. Still, it is starting to look like he has a new love interest in Zisa.

Mays even asked in an Instagram post if Lou should drop Jessica this season.

Raising Kanan is on every Sunday at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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