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Courtesy Lindsay Hearts

Before founding her own clothing line company, Lindsay Hearts was a stylist who created red-carpet outfits for recording artists like Slash and members of Megadeath. In 2017, she decided to launch her own fashion brand, FOXBLOOD (, a full-scale modern noir boutique in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We caught up to Lindsay to discuss her line, its unique staff, and how the horror genre inspired her.

Can you tell me a little about the Los Angeles lifestyle of FOXBLOOD and its staff?

Foxblood HQ is located in a warehouse in the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown LA, which is the hub of Los Angeles’ creativity and fashion as far as I’m concerned. The company consists of me, Lindsay, and our in-house crew of three other creative women – who also happen to wear a lot of black. [laughs]

I hear you’re a fan of horror films. Do you find that inspires your work?

I think Elvira was my first style of inspiration – she is iconic in every way and still inspires me to this day. That tongue-in-cheek attitude towards horror while dressed to the nines is a forever mood. I’ve always had an affinity for the macabre. I can’t help but be intrigued by dark storytelling and the custom designer bringing it to life. 

What was your first foray into the fashion game?

When I first came to LA, I was designing garments for bands, as well as styling artists and musicians. That acted as a catalyst to start a brand where I could be designing things that I wanted to see in the world. Fans of these musicians would ask where they could get specific pieces, and that’s when I switched gears from styling to running a fashion brand for the people.

Are there any specific brands or celebs that you could see yourself collaborating with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Venus Prototype. She specializes in latex fashion that you’ve seen on a ton of celebrities in recent years. Her work is fascinatingly sexy and jaw-dropping. I’ve never worked in latex, and that would be super fun to do with her! It would also be a dream to dress Janelle Monáe, Doja Cat, and FKA Twigs. Lil Nas X would be super fun, too. Anyone that has some edge and doesn’t take themselves too seriously – those are my people.

Courtesy of Lindsay Hearts

Courtesy Lindsay Hearts

Your marketing seems very modern – social media, influencers, etc. Can you tell us a little about your approach?

With the in-house team all being crafty millennial ladies, we are not shy with cameras and social media. We all really do love the clothes and we would be taking photos of our fits even if they weren’t for “work.” The fact that we can use those photos for platforms like the @foxbloodshop IG makes it that much more honest and real.
I know you have an all-female company. Can you tell me what you love about your girls?

Everyone in my crew is unique and authentic to themselves, dependable, incredibly talented with their own individual strengths, gorgeous inside and out, and most importantly, we’re all actually friends. No one ever believes that, but it’s true. I have the group text chats to prove it. They’re my best friends.

What’s your approach to fashion?

I make fashion that’s chic and comfortable, while treating every single day like it could be your last. And if you could be dressing for the last time, why not look and feel your best? I love a minimalist approach – well-crafted, uniquely cute garments for everyday wear. And always in black. 

How do you define success?
Having a consistent job that doesn’t feel like work is totally a success – we’re all working hard, but I get to spend every day with my best friends. That’s not something very many people can say – dare I say, it’s a success! 

What are your thoughts on a company like Fashion Nova, who takes fast fashion and partners with celebrities to promote it on Instagram (so much so that people wonder whether Cardi B owns the brand)?

Influencer and celebrity marketing is brilliant as long as the aesthetics of the influencer and brand feel cohesive and authentic. There isn’t really a bad way to market your brand if it’s working for you. There really isn’t one correct way to market, and the more creative and innovative you can be, the better. I do truly wish, however, that I was a fly on the wall on those conference calls with Cardi…

Where can people find your products and how can they stay up to date with you and FOXBLOOD? ( and Instagram @foxbloodshop ( and @lindsayhearts (

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