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Last week, GAW TV [Grown Ass Women TV] debuted its first episode on YouTube. The platform features professional wrestling personalities Lisa Marie Veron better known as Victoria [WWE] or Tara [TNA/ Impact Wrestling], Mickie James [WWE], and Valerie Wyndham [So Cal Val TNA/Impact]. The show will focus on the world’s current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, their careers, fashion, fitness, relationships, female empowerment and their love for wine to name a few things.

Wyndham recently spoke with The Hype Magazine about how the concept of GAWTV came about and her plans to pursue a second career in the fashion industry. Fashion is something that she took a liking to at a young age thanks to her mother and since then she has been able to mix pieces from high in designers and bargain shopping at places such as thrift stores to add to her stunning wardrobe. New episodes of GAW TV can be seen every Wednesday at 5 PM EST on their Youtube channel.

How do you feel the current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the wrestling business as a whole from what you heard?

It’s been rough for a lot of people losing their jobs in big companies like WWE, and I’m sure it’s been financially crushing for a lot of independent wrestlers. However, like everything in life, if you choose to put a po犀利士 sitive spin on it, you can make it work in your favor! Staying at home has made me more mindful of what I’m creating, and no longer having the excuse of “I don’t have time” has pushed me to be super productive.

How long have you been working on the concept of ‘Grown-Ass Women’?

It’s been several months in the making for this particular show, but Mickie and I have independently been playing around with the idea of a variety show for years! We had similar concepts of creating a show that would appeal to a much larger audience than just our loyal wrestling fans. That’s really what we saw a need in the market for. We are more than ready to burst out of our wrestling “bubble” and show the fans who we are as individuals. Since I’m not a wrestler, I think my personality gets shown a lot more in some ways, but fans of Lisa and Mickie will get to see them in a more casual setting. Yes, they are badass, athletic babes, but you’re going to see the side of them that I’ve always known: intelligent, witty women who are actually “Girl’s Girls”. They have so much to offer in terms of creativity, humor, and female empowerment.

In the first episode of GAW TV, Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon, and yourself touched on how you must pay for your own costumes and travel arrangements. How vital was learning how to budget in your professional career translate into your personal ventures?

Being what I call a “frugal fashionista” is extremely important. All three of us share the same love for bargains! I think the fans are even more impressed with our fashion looks when they realize we put it all together ourselves on a budget.  Sure we’ll make the occasional splurge once in a while, but when you’re photographed as much as we are in this business, you have to have an ever-evolving wardrobe. That can get insanely expensive if you don’t know how to rewear and restyle outfits. For me, styling is my biggest passion! I’ve somehow built a career on playing dress-up!

What are some of the business that you and the rest of the panel will be showcasing on the platform?

When it comes to “influencing,” we want to maintain a level of integrity. This means only showcasing brands and products we genuinely love and want to share with each other and with our audience. With our varied interests, you’ll see everything from wine (ok, a lot of wine…) to clothing, accessories, beauty, home decor, and official GAW TV merchandise. Plus, with Lisa and Mickie’s extensive background in health and fitness, they really know their stuff when it comes to working out and staying fit. You can expect to see brands that will have a positive impact.

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You have a background in fashion, is there any plans to start your own company anytime soon?

I will most certainly one day create my own fashion line. For sure. But for now, I find that creating outfits for myself is the best way to share my intrinsic style with those who find the entire fashion world intimidating or too exclusive. I started blogging and influencing several years ago as a way to show women (and men too) that fashion and getting dressed up is a mood booster. It’s what brings me joy! And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know how to dress properly for your shape and accentuate the parts you love. I hope to encourage others to express themselves through clothes and accessories.

Did your interest in fashion spark your relocation outside of London?

Nope! That was all my husband’s fault. It’s crazy what you do for love, right? When you find the right man, and let me tell you mine is a dreamboat, you’d move mountains to be with them. Or in my case, you’d hop the pond and relocate! He is beyond wonderful. Plus! Luckily for me, I have family here, and living so close to London, one of the world’s most progressive fashion capitols, is an amazing bonus. I attend London Fashion Week and have purposely ingratiated myself into the scene here to let them all know I’m here, I’m obsessed with fashion, and I’m ready to contribute to the business. That’s exactly what I did with wrestling, so this is what I’m calling “Phase 2” of my career.

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You learned a lot as far as how production works from your time in TNA/ Impact Wrestling through various roles. Does possibly hosting your own fashion show interest you at some point?

Absolutely! And I’m not waiting for anyone to make that happen. Today, as I write this, I’m starting a new series for IG TV and Youtube where I interview digital creators in the fashion scene.

A lot of public figures are starting to enter the wine and champagne industries. Can we see the three of you possibly coming out with a brand of your own?

We’ve already discussed this! I see it not as a possibility but a definite. We know wine. We love wine. It’s a perfect fit.

Are there any ventures that you been looking to do but just haven’t pulled the trigger on at this time?

Nope! When I want something I go out there and make it happen. Period! That’s what being a grown-ass woman is all about!Twitter: TV Youtube:

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