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  • Jalen Rose/ 50 Cent/ Power/ 8 Ball Jacket/ Entertainment/Fashion/Landon Buford THe Journalist/Landon
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    Jalen Rose and Power Book IV: Force’s 50 Cent Discuss Fashion Relics of the ’80s Making a Comeback [Watch]

    In a captivating episode of the “Renaissance Man” podcast, former NBA star and sports analyst Jalen Rose sat down with the multi-talented rapper, actor, and executive producer, 50 Cent. While the conversation covered a range of topics, one particular question sparked a wave of nostalgia and excitement among fans of ’80s fashion. Jalen Rose asked […] More

  • Charlotte Flair/ Laurel DeWitt/WWE/ Fashion/Landon Buford The Journalist/
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    Charlotte Flair Shines in a Laurel DeWitt Full Metal Outfit – Embracing Confidence, Individuality, and Self-Assurance

    When it comes to making a statement both inside and outside the wrestling ring, Charlotte Flair is no stranger. The renowned WWE superstar recently turned heads when she donned a spectacular Laurel DeWitt full metal outfit, showcasing her unique sense of style and fierce confidence. With her bold fashion choice and empowering message, Flair reminds […] More

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    How To Look Your Best When the Bass Drops

    Green neon lights sway in sync with the DJ’s set while people mill around you by the thousands.  You look up and find yourself in a rave, dancing unknowingly with the rhythm of the crowd around you.  Even for those who have never been to a rave, these underground parties have spawned an entire culture […] More

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    Valerie Wyndham Interview

    Last week, GAW TV [Grown Ass Women TV] debuted its first episode on YouTube. The platform features professional wrestling personalities Lisa Marie Veron better known as Victoria [WWE] or Tara [TNA/ Impact Wrestling], Mickie James [WWE], and Valerie Wyndham [So Cal Val TNA/Impact]. The show will focus on the world’s current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, […] More

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    Lindsay Hearts Interview

    Before founding her own clothing line company, Lindsay Hearts was a stylist who created red-carpet outfits for recording artists like Slash and members of Megadeath. In 2017, she decided to launch her own fashion brand, FOXBLOOD (, a full-scale modern noir boutique in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We caught up to Lindsay to discuss her line, its unique staff, and […] More