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Maddox Jones Dials Up Liberation with “Change My Number”

Maddox Jones released his new single “Change My Number” via Radikal Records, marking the beginning of his second album’s promotion. The track, inspired by artists such as Rag n Bone Man and Tom Walker, emphasizes the theme of independence and transformation. Jones describes it as an anthem for breaking free from toxic relationships and oppressive situations. The song conveys the exhilarating feeling of taking control of one’s life with its catchy hook, “Change my number, change my name.”

Jones candidly shares that “Change My Number” is about finally moving on from a difficult person or situation after a prolonged struggle. He draws from personal experience, stating that it reflects his journey of breaking free from a toxic situation and moving forward. Maddox Jones has gained recognition in the UK music scene, highlighted by the success of his 2020 EP “Headspace” and the hit single “Can’t Wait for the Summer.” His work has garnered critical acclaim and industry accolades, demonstrating his promising talent.

In addition to his solo career, Maddox Jones has established himself as a sought-after collaborator, contributing his songwriting skills to artists like Billy Locket and Janet Devlin. With the release of “Change My Number,” Jones is setting the stage for a compelling new chapter in his musical journey, signaling the promise of more compelling and authentic music in the near future.

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