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    Valerie Wyndham Interview

    Last week, GAW TV [Grown Ass Women TV] debuted its first episode on YouTube. The platform features professional wrestling personalities Lisa Marie Veron better known as Victoria [WWE] or Tara [TNA/ Impact Wrestling], Mickie James [WWE], and Valerie Wyndham [So Cal Val TNA/Impact]. The show will focus on the world’s current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, […] More

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    Lisa Marie Varon Talks Chyna Getting Hall Of Fame Nod & AEW

    Back In January, Lisa Marie Varon formally known for her time in the WWE Victoria & Impact Wrestling as Tara. Varon announced that she would be retiring from professional wrestling at the end of 2019. During her time in the WWE, Varon was a two-time Women’s Championship and one of the pioneers of their Women’s division. […] More

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    Hot Yoga Keeps Me Tone, Says Amber Nova

    Former Impact Knockout Amber Nova was a guest on the last episode of Women’s Wrestling Weekly with Hosts TK Trinidad & Evan Mack. Women’s Wrestling movement has pushed itself to the forefront of the wrestling business, and Amber Nova spoke on the status of women in the industry at this current time. “I love it. […] More