Joseph Sikora Breaks Down Similarities & Differences Between Tommy Egan & Brayden Weston In Power Universe [Watch]

This week on The Crew Has It With Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo, Joseph Sikora, aka Tommy Egan, came through to ‘Cancel Christmas.’ Right off the back, Sikora dives into some of the similarity been Egan and Paolo’s character Brayden Weston.

” You also answered well that you’ve voiced it several times about the similarities and ones that I didn’t even give enough credit for, and you articulated it. I think better than I ever could have about the similarities and the differences between Tommy and Brayden, right, and giving credit to the background of both of you guys,” said Sikora.

“The best thing I said was that you broke it down. The two things that are the same about Braden and Tommy are they’re loyal and want to sell drugs, right? That’s simple. We’ve been doing this for nine years because that formula has made a nine-year show and universe.”

Sikora also broke down the differences between both characters as well.

“That’s breaking down to the actors: you’re funny, but you’re funny like Gary Owens, and you could write a joke and tell a joke. Yeah, me, I’m funny just because of the Tommy character, and I know I started to season one of the Tommy development of ways it’s just timing right it’s there’s never like it’s never really an affectation to be funny. It’s a different presentation of the funny it breaks down the timing, but we have both inherited that part which is necessary because that reflects life.”

During an interview with Ghost co-star LaToya Tonodeo, Gianni Paolo (Brayden) on The Crew Has It, revealed that a delete scene was supposed to introduce Brayden Weston and Tommy Egan.

“I met Tommy in Power, and people don’t know that. That scene never made it, said Paolo.

He come into the Choate dorm room,” said Rainey Jr.

“He says get the f*** out Bieber,” said Paolo.

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Written by Landon Buford

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