Jack Harlow Better Stop Acting Black Before He Ends Up In Jail, Says Wack 100

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Rory Farrell has commented on tens or even hundreds of rappers throughout her podcasting career. From The Joe Budden Podcast to New Rory & Mal, Farrell talked about some of the best artists in the world. Though he had some negative things to say, he also showed love to those who deserved it.

Over the years, he has at times criticized Jack Harlow’s talent, but he praised the rapper for his most recent projects. Unfortunately, Harlow’s crew didn’t get the message because they actually banished Farrell from his concerts.

In the latest episode of New Rory & Mal, Farrell spoke about the time DJ Drama left him tickets to a Harlow show.

As Farrell makes his way to the show, he receives a call from a woman telling him that he hates Harlow and has no place at the show. In other words, Farrell was blacklisted for all of Harlow’s upcoming shows.

“So I’m on my way there in an Uber, and Drama calls me, which I’m thinking, ‘oh, alright, do I need to get in there a certain time?’ ‘Cause I’m already late. So I say, ‘I’m on the way. Should I go to will-call?’” Farrell began. “The phone is then taken away from [DJ Drama] and what sounds like a…woman – I took it as someone that was a woman…who starts to curse me the f*** out and say that ‘only people that support Jack Harlow are allowed in the building tonight. turn your Uber the f*** around, you white piece of s***.’”

Speaking of Jack Harlow, Wack 100 was on Clubhouse and needed to stop acting black before he ended up in jail. There was a shooting involving Jack Harlow’s DJ after the DJ was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle in the club. The DJ apparently shot this woman in response to getting hit with the bottle.

Wack 100 was asked about the situation, and that’s when he said, “Jack Harlow better watch out because he was damn sure one of their indictments in Atlanta. She [District Attorney of Fulton County let him go. You don’t remember the reporter asking her when they first made all the arrests. We saw that Jack Harlow’s name was on the list. I don’t know that n*** Jack better stops acting like he black,” said Wack.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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