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Exclusive interview with Chris Portka behind his upcoming album, “Trash Music”

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Chris Portka, the talented musician behind the highly anticipated album, “Trash Music.” In this interview, we dive into the depths of Chris Portka’s creative process, exploring the emotions and expectations evoked by the album’s intriguing title. We also delve into the unique style and sound of “Trash Music” compared to Portka’s previous works, examining its experimental nature and raw authenticity. Join us as we explore the stories, messages, and standout moments that make “Trash Music” a captivating musical experience.

What are your initial impressions of the album title, “Trash Music”? Does it evoke any specific emotions or expectations?

Chris Portka – “Trash Music” piques interest with ironic twists, genuine peaks and valleys, and an electric whirling blending machine gives it the unpolished with the musical.

Have you listened to any of Chris Portka’s previous work? If yes, how would you compare “Trash Music” to his previous albums in terms of style and sound?

Chris Portka – Going deeper, more raw and experimental.

What drew you to listen to “Trash Music”? Was it the album cover, the artist’s reputation, or something else?

Chris Portka – Yes.

After listening to the album, what are your overall thoughts on the production quality and sound engineering? Did it enhance or detract from your listening experience?

Chris Portka – Hopefully you noticed it. To be noticed is merely all anyone can really hope for.

Each song on the album tells a story or delivers a specific message. Which song resonated with you the most, and why?

Chris Portka -“Let’s Go Play Today” resonates deeply, spinning a tale of childhood friendship steeped in dream-like nostalgia.

Are there any specific lyrics from the album that stood out to you? If so, please provide the lyrics and explain why they caught your attention.

Chris Portka – “Same pile of nerves walking by me” – I still like that line. Or just saying “the sky is blue in hell” is fun.

Were there any songs on the album that you felt didn’t fit well with the overall theme or sound? If yes, which songs and why?

Chris Portka – No.

“Trash Music” is set to be released on August 1, 2023. Do you think the album captures the essence of summer or conveys a specific seasonal vibe? Please explain.

Chris Portka – Less tied to a specific season and more to an internal landscape where all seasons coexist.

How would you describe the overall genre or musical style of “Trash Music”? Did it align with your expectations, or did it surprise you in any way?

Chris Portka – Experimental rock / lofi folk / psychedelic noise.

Were there any guest artists or collaborations featured on the album? If yes, how did their contributions impact the songs they were involved in?

Chris Portka – I collaborated with my wonderful wife Carol Miltimore on the graphics design of the vinyl, and some really great visual artists for each of the single art. There’ll also be music videos released as NFTs.

Did “Trash Music” exceed, meet, or fall short of your expectations? Please elaborate on your answer.

Chris Portka – I’m tired of listening to it after hearing it hundreds of times in the mixing and such, but I loved making it.

If you could choose one word or phrase to summarize your experience of listening to “Trash Music,” what would it be, and why?

Chris Portka – California.

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