Chris Portka’s ‘Trash Music (Vinyl Release)’, a Mesmerizing Journey of Self-Discovery Through Sound

Chris Portka emerges as a breath of fresh, unfiltered air with his latest masterpiece, “Trash Music (Vinyl Release).” Hailing from the Bay Area, this musical maverick has crafted an album that defies categorization and invites listeners into a realm of sonic exploration like never before.

Portka’s musical journey is one marked by resilience and self-discovery. Overcoming anxiety that once stifled his creative voice, he embarked on a transformative five-year odyssey through Voice Movement Therapy. The result? A unique genre he dubs “trash music.” This genre-bending creation is the essence of Chris Portka’s artistic identity, and it’s showcased in all its glory on this mesmerizing album.


“Trash Music” is a 30-minute, 44-second auditory adventure oscillating between ethereal glitch rock and raw folk, frequently venturing into the avant-garde. Tracks like “to burn him up, is it too much to bear?“, “Wildlife ” and “Women are hot” dive deep into the subconscious, unearthing profound emotions and inner conflicts in Portka’s quest for self-acceptance.

Listening to “Trash Music” is like entering a grand canvas, a symphony of musical mastery where Chris Portka wields his brush with skillful precision. Tracks such as “bojeum” and “Dream Factory” add shades of vivid brilliance and haunting darkness, creating a unique and dreamy experience that will leave you yearning for more.

As Alt77 aptly put it, “after hearing the radio for a few minutes, ‘Trash Music’ might just be the palette cleanser that you need.” Indeed, in a world of musical monotony, Chris Portka’s album offers a refreshing escape.

If you’re a music enthusiast or someone who loves to explore new sounds, then you must check out “Chris Portka’s ‘Trash Music (Vinyl Release)'”. Immerse yourself in this sonic adventure and let Portka’s unconventional and brilliant music take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Mark your calendars for OCTOBER 1, 2023, as that’s the date when “Trash Music (Vinyl Release)” will be available to transport you to the intriguing world of Chris Portka’s artistry. Get ready to be enthralled, captivated, and inspired.

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