Exclusive Interview: Radio Rajeem Discusses Lardi B And Producer Dielog Signings


Raheem Smith, better known as Radio Rajeem, owns the Dallas-based record label ‘Never Satisfied,’ has worked with numerous artists such as French Montana, Raheem DeVaughn, and signed J Oliver to his first record deal.

Radio Rajeem signed Parody Queen and recording artist Lardi B and along with the producer Die Log. The trio has been working together for over a year now and made it official on Wednesday evening.

If you are not familiar with Lardi B, she has been generating so major viewership making parodies to some of Cardi B’s hit records such as ‘WAP,’ ‘Bodak Yellow,’ ‘Up. ‘ She has also gone viral with parodies to other hits such as ‘Freaky Friday Remix,’ and ‘I Love It.’

After the paperwork was signed, Lardi B and Dielog their thoughts about joining ‘Never Satisfied.’

“I am shaking, and I was shaking in there. I am super excited. I have never been signed before. So, I am really excited to see what happens after this,” said Lardi B.

Die Log added, “Yeah, it is just the start, and it is time to get back to it, I guess.

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has presented many challenges in industries worldwide, including the music industry. So, how did Lardi and Dielog deal with those challenges?

“I would say, it was more of a challenge to not want to give up because of Covid. We didn’t know if there would still be a music scene ever. We did not know if we were going to have shows and no one was dropping albums,” Lardi shared.

“So, we just got into that mind of being never satisfied, being around this crew, and all of these people that taught us how to live that lifestyle. We just grind and started working harder, and harder and we made it to here.”

The pandemic did not really affect Dielog because he could still complete his work at his working station.

“For me, it didn’t feel like the pandemic had changed much. I am always at my computer desk for every hour of the day. However, It has given us a nice window to focus, develop, and build everything,” Dielog said.

“It also allowed us to grow. Radio has just put us on such a platform and elevated us. The second week we were out here. He was cosigned as; he believes us, in us, and I’m grateful.”

Radio Rajeem also spoke with to discuss the recent signings of Lardi B and producer Dielog.

How did Never Satisfied start, and where did you draw your inspiration from?

Radio Rajeem: Never Satisfied, I feel, has always been a part of my life. I feel it’s something that I have been since I was young, definitely from having nothing and figuring out what I would do with my life and learned not to be content. So keep pushing myself and upping the bar, staying never satisfied, and never being content.

You signed Lardi B and Dielog. Can you share the reason for the gap in releasing music?

Radio Rajeem: I have been in the industry for a very long time, maybe a 15 plus, and definitely learned a lot about the business. I got burnt out for a while, and the business is rough. There is a lot of shadiness, there is a lot of backstabbing, betrayal, and it does not want to go any further, but when you come across the hungry and humble people that motivate you and put you back in a position that you are meant to be. That is what got me to where I thought this would be a good move to sign Lardi and Die Log. They are two phenomenal producers and artist that has crazy talent and great to work with. They keep me on my toes, and I appreciate that.

What do you look for when you are looking to sign artists and producers?

Radio Rajeem: I look for someone that is the complete package. Someone who will bring everything to the table and really has the work ethic to what they are doing. Some people say that they want it, and some say they are the best to do it, but they do not have the work ethic and nothing to prove. With Lardi and Die Log, they have no excuses, just results. Like hey, this is what I can do, and we started making money immediately, and there wasn’t any paperwork. So, I like that.

Besides their work ethic, what else made them stand out to you?

Radio Rajeem: They remain humble, grateful, and always appreciative. They talked with a good sense, feel, and made everyone feel welcome. I have never had anyone say anything bad about Lardi or Die Log. Everyone says I love them, love working with them, love their attitude. They don’t have that ego, which I am not used to with me being in the industry. I am used to dealing with egos, divas, and people stuck on themselves and not really a team player. They have been nothing but a team player, so I need that.

How are you looking to market her as an artist?

Radio Rajeem: She is a very diverse artist because she can do many things; one of those things has been parodies, which have gotten her a lot of views, followers, but she also has amazing original music. So, the goal is to really build her music, original music and build her platform. So, just introducing everyone into the new Lardi, and the Lardi B is for parody. And let people see what she can do with her original.

Can you describe the type of team that needs to be put around her to succeed?

Radio Rajeem: I feel this team. I have a team of very hungry, ambitious, innovative, creative minds around me that keeps me on my toes. To help put out new ideas to help support ideas and build new ideas. So, my team is a huge part of that.

Can you describe getting to this put despite Covid being a roadblock?

Radio Rajeem: Covid, I do not think it was a roadblock; it was a good reset; it was just the time that everyone needed. To restructure themselves, organize themselves, and see how they wanted to move forward in life. It’s a game people time to see how things really worked for them and what does not. Some people changed their whole career path during covid, quit their nine to five, and started being real entrepreneurs. I think is the boom of real entrepreneurship. So many people make millions of dollars just off of social media alone. So, it is a good time.

What made you want to take a chance on Lardi?

Radio Rajeem: The things that she brings to the table I have been missing. I have missed someone that has been self-efficient. Someone that can do everything on their own and all I need to do is add steroids on it. So, it can get bigger and better and when I met her, she put her own festival together by herself. There were 13 artists there and it was a whole day event, and for me to have an independent artist to do that. To rent a big venue have a lot of people there it was a good event. She did very well and I was impressed.

Can you talk about the progression of your relationship with Lardi and Die Log?

Radio Rajeem: I feel like it starts to form like a family. You create a family bond you start for them and they start to look out for you. Everybody has each other best interests and it becomes more like a family and does not feel like it is business. I look at my team as family-like there are my brothers, my sisters. So we are going to stick together and work through whatever we are going through.

What are your plans? Are you guys working on a project? What is the current situation?

Radio Rajeem: The current is situation is to drop singles. Really put out many good singles, rebuild their catalog, and revamp their image and direction. Get them on the road Lardi has a lot of big shows coming up. She has a big one in Minnesota coming up with 50 thousand people to perform in front of. A couple of years ago, she performed on a smaller stage, and she is performing on a bigger stage. So it is progress, and you can definitely see the progress.

How you thought about adding to her merch collection or starting a clothing line for her?

Radio Rajeem: Lardi has her own merch, a website, which we developed for her and sold out. Doing really well and ‘Never Satisified,’ has its own merch and brand. So, you coming together is owning going make the brand bigger and better.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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