Never Satisfied’s Lardi B Performs In Front Sold Out Crowd At House Of Blue After Signing

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Over the weekend Never Satisfied new signee, Lardi B performed in front of a sold-out crowd at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. But, before she went on to rock the crowd, artists such as Troy Grant, 23 Cups, Left Cheek, Tum Tum, and Nate Gawd got the audience jumping.

When Lardi finally hit the stage, she played hits such as WAP (PARODY) ft. Nychelle, Can’t Get UP featuring BigJazz2Live, Lardi Pop (feat. Eureka O’Hara), and RealXman’s TOOT$iE featuring Lardi.

After the concert, she spoke exclusively to about performing for time since signing with Never Satisfied.

“Damn! Oh my gosh, it is the first show since being signed. Wow, I’ll just say that Radio [Rajeem] gave me a shot and had a good time. I am very thankful and happy to be here,” said Lardi.

“I always have a really fun time on stage, but I am not going to lie. I felt extra happy on stage tonight, and that’s probably why because I have a badass team.”

Radio Rajeem added, ” I think she did an amazing job, and as I said, this is a great first performance after signing. The crowd loved it, and it felt family-filled, and it did not feel like there was a bunch of people critiquing you. It felt like people were actually loving and enjoy the performance and participating. Everybody, there were supporters, and it was a great turnout.”

The celebration did not end there at the House of Blues.

On Monday morning, as part of the video release for RealXman’s ‘TOOT$iE’ featuring Lardi at Cabaret East in Dallas, they performed the hit and partied all night long.

TOOT$iE can be found on all streaming platforms.

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Written by Landon Buford

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