Cardi B Trolled By Tasha K With Her Alleged Remaining Balance Of $1,083 [Watch]

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After Cardi B began seizing Tasha K’s assets in the State of Georgia to recover the $4 million debt, she learned the YouTube blogger only had $1,083 in her bank account.

As previously reported by Blavity, Tasha K lost her lawsuit against the rap superstar earlier this year and was ordered to pay Cardi $4 million for misrepresentation.

After the verdict, the UnWineWithTashaK host made it clear that she had no money to pay and filed an appeal.

But rapper Wap” wants every penny she owes, so last month she started the process to seize all the vlogger’s assets and assets. This included sending a letter to JP Morgan Chase to request that they keep all the coins she has.

According to, JP Morgan Chase Bank recently advised the mother of two that Tasha K and her business, Kebe Studios, have only $1,083.02 in their accounts. That is not even going to reduce the $4 million that is due.

On Wednesday, she released a video of her withdrawing her alleged last $1,083 after reports claim that’s all she had in her bank account to pay Cardi B and plans on giving it away.

In the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk, Sabrina Peterson who is the CEO of Pretty High Co, a hemp & CBD company, said , “Playing with the Feds and a federal judge ain’t ever the look.”

Dallas and New Orleans based recording artist Cobra Monroe shared, “Mmmhhh steal scamming and lying I see… the clout you chasing can’t save you financially beloved learn to shut up.”

Chicago artist Dreezy added, “Crackhead activity.”

“Meanwhile, K Goddess asked, If that’s really how much she had in her account can she sue the bank for leakin her info?”

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