Diane & The Gentle Men Deliver a Sonic Masterpiece with “The Bad and the Beautiful”

Diane Gentile and her band, The Gentle Men, boldly break the mold with their latest album, “The Bad and the Beautiful.”. This album weaves a captivating narrative that effortlessly merges sharp wordplay, rich storytelling, and the unmistakable essence of NYC rock ‘n’ roll.

The album’s opening track, “Lace Up Your Sneakers.” featuring James Maddock, Vividly narrates the tale of a carefree slacker who met an untimely end, set against the pulsating backdrop of invigorating disco. Maddock’s vocals and guitar perfectly complement Diane’s hauntingly pristine vocals in this track. Watch the video now via “Lace Up Your Sneakers.”

“The Bad and the Beautiful” unveils the stories of artistic eccentrics, and Diane’s songwriting prowess shines brilliantly. From the introspective folk-rock musings of “Dance ’til Dawn” to the gritty NYC rock anthems like “Shimmy” and “Sugarcane,” the album traverses a rich musical landscape. Diane’s influences, ranging from David Bowie to Lucinda Williams, are seamlessly woven into the fabric of this album.

“The Bad and the Beautiful” is out now via Velvet Elk Records. The album, consisting of 10 tracks and spanning 36 minutes and 21 seconds, was created in collaboration with producer Merle Chornuk at Atomic Sound Studios. Diane’s band of Gentle Men, featuring Colin Brooks on drums and Jason Victor on guitar, delivers a powerful and dynamic sound that perfectly complements Diane’s introspective lyrics and captivating melodies.

As Diane embarks on regional tours to support this release, the musical saga continues, promising more tales of love, loss, and the undeniable beauty of life in the city that never sleeps. Don’t miss out on this remarkable album that captures the heart and soul of NYC’s vibrant music scene.

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