Courtney Kemp Gives Ghost’s Executive Producers Their Flowers For Getting Dead Power Universe Characters In One Room

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At the beginning of episode 9 of Power Book II: Ghost Tariq St. Patrick had a flashback featuring all the people that he had a hand in their deaths in a someone way. The flashback featured Kanan, Professor Jabari Reynolds, Raina St. Patrick, Joe Proctor, Carrie Milgram, and Lakeisha Grant.

On Tuesday evening, Courtney Kemp was on Instagram Live for her Q &A weekly recap. Kemp was asked why was Councilman Tate and Lauren Baldwin in Tariq’s dream.

“Councilman Tate is not in Tariq’s dreams. He’s in there, but he thinks it’s him, but it’s really Jabari Reynolds… So, that was an amazing day. We got all those Power Universe people back and it is incredible scheduling and I have to give it to our producers Greer Yeaton, Bart Wenrich, Shana Stein, and everybody behind the scenes,” said Kemp.

“Getting all those people in one place to shoot that scene. It was amazing to have all those people in the room. I can’t tell you guys how magical of the experience Power Book I was all those things coming together and being able to give back to you guys again.”

Kemp was also asked If Tariq’s dreams signified his guilt and why he feels guilty about Ray Ray?

“I think the dream is not just about his guilt per person, but I do understand why you are saying that. The way we write these dream sequences is very much about how does Tariq feels and it is expressed by everyone. So, everyone in the dream is Tariq. So, these are all the different pieces of Tariq’s guilt, shame, and all of the things. That’s why, when Ray Ray pops up, Kanan says to him, you got what you deserved. So, Kanan was speaking as Tariq, but this all the people that Tariq feels responsible for their death. The Lauren piece is it because guys are asking well, she’s not dead or she is dead. Again is Tariq’s fear.”

The final episode of Power Book II: Ghost will be on Sunday, February 6 at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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