Cigs Inside’s “BlickyBlam”, a Genre-Bending Journey Through Raw Emotion

Cigs Inside stands as a refreshing outlier with their latest album, “BlickyBlam.” This Pacific NW electro-hop trio unleashes a collection of tracks that defy convention, diving deep into the complexities of human emotion with unparalleled honesty.

“BlickyBlam” showcases Cigs Inside returning to their roots, favoring stripped-down production and a minimalist approach that accentuates the raw essence of each composition. The album’s final single, “Don’t Know Where To Start,” serves as a poignant example of this evolution. It finds the trio regaining positivity and normalcy after a tumultuous journey, proving that it’s possible to rebuild after hitting rock bottom.

The album is an auditory odyssey, featuring a diverse range of tracks that merge electro-pop, hip-hop, breakcore, and R&B. With a sonic palette that combines modern production techniques with analog instrumentation, Cigs Inside crafts a unique sound that defies categorization. Tracks like “Anecdotes” and “High Steppin” showcase their affinity for modern rap music, while “Lunar” and “That Time” delve into 80’s alternative influences.

At just over 23 minutes, “BlickyBlam” may be concise, but its impact is undeniably profound. Cigs Inside’s ability to navigate the intensity of mania, confront the consequences of reckless living, and expose the vulnerabilities of the aftermath make this album a must-listen. “BlickyBlam” is a musical rollercoaster that transcends boundaries and genres, offering a deeply emotional and thought-provoking experience.

Stream Cigs Inside’s ”BlickyBlam” on Bandamp here and Apple Music here.

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