Nets’ Kevin Durant & Warriors’ Stephen Curry Really Want To Beat Each Other Badly, Says Insider

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The Brooklyn Nets will be taking on the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST. It’s a match that will showcase a match of two of the league’s best teams and another match for Kevin Durant against his former team, who helped lead Golden State to back-to-back NBA Championships.

The Warriors have the best record in the league at 11-2, coming off a loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night, while the Nets are riding a three-game winning streak and have a 10-4 record.

Some NBA fans and media members will be a rivalry game between the two franchises because of the history between Kevin Durant and the Warriors. However, others are saying it will have a playoff-type atmosphere because it could be a potential final match later on this year. It will also be a nationally televised game as well.

Earlier this year, Durant and Green sat down for a one-on-one interview where they discussed the incident on the bench against the Clippers in the 2018-19 season. That played a part in Durant deciding to leave in free agency for Brooklyn [sign and trade deal].

“It wasn’t the argument,” Durant told Green on Clips. “It was the way that everybody — Steve Kerr — acted like it didn’t happen. Bob Myers tried to just discipline you [Green] and think that would put the mask over everything.”

The incident resulted in the Warriors suspending and was asked to apologize to Durant for his behavior by Warriors management. But, instead, Green had a message for Warriors management, “‘Y’all are about to f— this up,'” Green said he told them. “I said, ‘The only person that can make this right is me and K [Durant]. And there is nothing that y’all can do, and y’all are going to f— this up.’ And in my opinion, they f—ed it up.” Responded Durant: “I think so too.”

The Interview was supposed to clarify things between the two because both green and Durant weren’t really speaking to each other. However, they had to make things work on the court as a part of Team USA Basketball.

However, behind the scenes, both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry really want to beat each other badly.

On Monday afternoon, NBA Host Jason Zone Fisher hosted The Rundown with Jason Zone Fisher on Clubhouse in the NBA Fan Club room. His plan included Nick Matthews, the CEO at The Sincere Group and the former manager of three-time NBA Champion Draymond Green.

“I know they don’t like each other. They used to like each other, but I know they don’t like each other if that makes sense. Just having my inside take on that those two guys want to beat each other very badly,” said Matthews.

Fisher added, “Anytime Draymond is other there too, he’s going to be talking a lot of trash to KD [Kevin Durant]. He wears his emotions on his sleeves. So, it is going to be a fun game.”

Both Durant and Curry are being considered for MVP this season because of their stellar play thus far. So, we will have to see who comes out on top tomorrow night between the Nets & Warriors.

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Written by Landon Buford

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