Veteran Hollywood Actor Dan Martin Talks ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ and More

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Veteran Hollywood actor Dan Martin played Detective Harry Dieter in the iconic movie HEAT, starring screen legends Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. A former college athlete, and theater-trained professional, Martin is a diverse talent who plays a wide-range of roles in television comedies and dramas (Numb3rsRin-Tin Tin, Malcolm in the Middle, Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, The Wayans Brothers) to soap operas (The Bold and The Beautiful). Currently, Martin stars in the recently produced television pilot, Beyond the Badge and drops some jewels about his career, acting, and the new show.

The Hype Magazine recently had the unique opportunity to speak to the former Clarion University of Pennsylvania graduate Dan Martin. Theatre trained in New York with the Negro Ensemble Companywill be involved in Beyond the Badge and his recurring role as Lt. Bradley Baker on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.  The Full interview with Dan Martin can be seen below.

Can you tell us about your character in the tv pilot drama “Beyond the Badge”?

I play Leroy Roy and he works for Child Protective Services. My character is called on the scene to assess a situation with the main characters to make sure that the children are being taken care of properly.

What caught your attention about the pilot?

The project went into more depth as well as a different perspective of law enforcement. Beyond the Badge is not a traditional procedural television show like Law and Order, it is more character driven. It focuses more on how each individual responds to pressure. So, when I read the script and realized that there would be more substance to the storyline, I decided to sign on to the project.

How would you say, “Beyond the Badge” is different from other network shows like Boston Legal, NYPD Blue, and 10 Cent Pistol?

Each of those projects was different, but the closest comparison would be with Law and Order because it has elements of a systematic procedural and there are specific plot points within sequences that the characters follow. In this project, there are elements where the two leading actors are trying to solve a case, like a procedural, however, the case is not the primary focal point the emphasis is on the family, the children, and how they are affected by what their parents do for a living.

How has your preparation techniques changed throughout your career?

Over the years, I have learned how to prepare for characters which have allowed me to go more in-depth. This allows you to be more creative even before you reach the set for an audition. Another thing I have learned over the years is that there is always something that you can improve on.  You will never get bored with acting because there is always something new that you can improve and make better.  The character’s personality is something I like to compare to myself to see if there are some similarities in order to bring out the best in that character.

You have had the opportunity to have a recurring role on the CBS Daytime Drama “The Bold and the Beautiful.” In your opinion, how has the soap opera platform changed over the years?

When I first started in the recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful we had more of a theatrical way of doing things. Meaning, we had more time for multiple takes of one scene to make sure things ran smoothly. Now that has changed.Now, you get fewer takes, sometimes you must perform your scene in one take and then we move on to the next scene.  The biggest change I would say is the speed in which we must shoot scenes for episode purposes.

A lot of actors have gotten their starts on soap operas. How has that affected the entertainment business with the soap opera platform being that the platform is being depleted?

It true that there are not as many soap operas as there used to be, but there are other platforms that have replaced them. There are web series that give on-camera training, and theater, which is where I got my start in the entertainment business. Other shows have taken place of the soup operas that have been canceled.

Being that you have been trained in theater, how essential is that in the industry today?

I feel it is very essential and an actor that has never performed on stage is at a disadvantage. Now, there are some projects that I have worked on and it wasn’t needed, but there are some situations where you must memorize a lot of dialogue and lines. I think any actor that hasn’t been on stage at any point in their career is at a disadvantage in comparison to the ones that have been on stage.  I began training as an actor in college. When football season was over I used theatre to keep me busy in the off-season.

Have you had the opportunity to direct at all throughout your career?

I have directed a lot of theater over the years on the East and West Coast. I would love to direct some material on camera at some point. It would have to be the right timing for me and the project. 

What are some other projects that you will be involved with during the rest of 2017?

I will be working on Beyond the Badge and then I will be back on Bold and the Beautiful. Just signed on to a new web series that I can’t talk about yet.

What type of music are you listen to nowadays?

Jazz, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Earth Wind and Fire, Anita Baker, and a lot of different things.  Everything from Prince to Tupac to Drake.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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