Scoops B Speaks To Bulls Legend Craig Hodges About Colin Kaepernick & More


Brandon  “Scoop B”  Robinson recently had the opportunity to speak with the two-time champion and former Chicago Bulls Three-Point Specialist Craig Hodges.  The two discussed some other thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick battle with the National Football League and they have an in-depth conversation about Michael Jordan deciding not to visit the White House in 1991 after the Chicago Bulls won their first championship.

“You know, MJ is not publicly political but he can handle his affairs where he can make a political statement and when he didn’t come to the White House, it was a statement. But once again, there was no push back from any of his sponsors or any of that because he is who he is and he is the golden goose for a lot of marketers and endorsement companies. So it’s not a surprise that it didn’t come back. But I understood where he was coming from and that Bush wasn’t his homie but when Clinton was in office he hung out with Clinton and golfed with him so that let them know.”


The Full interview between Scoop B and Craig Hodges can be found here

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Written by Landon Buford

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