NBA Mental Health Policy Slammed by Ex-Player

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The Big 3 was in Dallas over the weekend for the third annual season. The event featured a lot of former Dallas Mavericks such as Jason Terry, Drew Gooden, DeShawn Stevenson, Anthony Morrow. It also showcased the talent of other familiar players such as Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith, Shannon Brown, Nate Robinson, Stephen Jackson, Joe Johnson, Ryan Hollin, Cuttino Mobley, Mario Chalmers, and Royce White.

Hey, speaking of Royce White, the former Houston Rocket, who was taken with the 16th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The former Iowa State, Cyclone had a stent career in the NBA only playing three games.  According to CNN’s Jill Martin Wrenn back in 2012, White-faced a difficult challenge heading into his rookie season with the Rockets, which was he was afraid to fly. Being a professional athlete, you travel a lot and flying is the quickest way to get from city to city throughout the season.

“It’s a day-by-day struggle for me,” he said. “I’m very happy that I made it here, and that the Rockets gave me the chance that I have.”

The former college standout has spoken openly about his anxiety disorder.

“But at the same time, just knowing what I know about anxiety and mental health, there is a side of my mind that can’t look away from the fact that I do think about it every day. I wake up (and think), ‘Am I cut out for this?'”

Over the weekend in Dallas, White was interviewed by Fanatics View and was asked a variety of different questions including NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, NBAPA, LeBron James, and the Mental Health Policies.

“The mental health policy that we put in place for the Big 3 was simple and it was common sense and it is going to be effective and the leadership of the Big doesn’t have their head up their a**. That’s the bottom line it really is a policy would be easily implementable in the NBA. I mean if you go in and read it, there’s nothing in it that says anything more than we already know. So, the problem that the NBA is having fundamentally with the mental health issue is that the leaders whether that be the owners or the people in the front office. Sees every issue on the table, as a power struggle between them and the players. So, for example, this exact same policy we implemented into the Big 3, the push back that I got back for trying to have it in the NBA player would fake mental illness.

What an egregious thing to say and it absolutely is. It is a very nasty thing to say to suggest some of the most competitive athletes in the world would use mental health, which is one of the most stigmatized heath conditions in the world to get out of playing but still gets paid. Basically, what they are saying there’s a con like culture amidst the players. You are talking about players that are walking through right here. People who have put years, hours, blood, sweat, and tears into the NBA, and you know what I told them in response to that? F*** Y’all, and that is why I am not in the NBA.” Because I took offense for every man walking back that has put that jersey on in the NBA.

White would respond to Robinson’s Tweet and suggest the title of the video.


The Big  3 will be in Los Angeles for the championship next weekend.

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Written by Landon Buford

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