Michael Rapaport Names Favorite Sports Movies


This past weekend the Big 3 was in Dallas for the final game of the regular season. Former NBA players such as Gilbert Arenas, Jason Terry, Shannon Brown, Joe Johnson, Nate Robinson, Gary Payton, Rick Barry, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Stephen Jackson.

Triplets are the number one seed in league with a 7-1 record, lead by former 17-year NBA veteran Joe Johnson, who just set the single-season points record with 175 in his first season with the league. Johnson dazzled the Dallas crowd in route to a 19 point performance, and he also added five rebounds and four assists. The Triplets also punched their ticket to next weeks, playoff showdown with the third seed the 3 Headed Monsters coached by Hall of Famer Gary Payton.

During intermission,Byron Motenhost of the “Mo’ SportsTalk radio show” caught up with Big 3 sideline reporter Michael Rapaport. The two discussed Rapaport early championship prediction for this year and favorite sports movies.

” Season three of the Big 3 has been exciting and great competition. It coming down to it for teams and whether they will be playing in New Orleans. Hopefully in Los Angeles and it has been a great season. I’m just happy to be a part of it and I am enjoying myself,” said Rapaport.

As for championship predictions, “I still have to go with Power. They are the champs from last year, and I think they are going to be in good shape to return this year.”

Rapaport is known for his role in the 1995 film Higher learning as Remy and his character Kevin McCall from Metro working alongside Eddie Murphy.

Rapaport was askedabout his top five sports movies but was only able to name three before Hall of Famer Gary Payton interrupted the interview.

“White Man Can’t Jump, Raging Bull, Rocky. This guy here as he speaks to Gary Payton and now I have to deal with this. After Payton asks why is he wear his “Corny a**’ shirt, in which Rapaport responded, “my man, got on the wall worst.”

Gary Payton was later interviewed by Fanatics View and was asked what is underrated about Damian Lillard’s game.

“He is in a market that is not high like the Lakers and Boston. I think if he were in that type of market, he would be more recognizable and they don’t respect him. I got that same situation when I was in Seattle about the All-Star games, but now they are starting to pick him. He is showing what he can do. He is an Oakland guy and is a dude that has a lot of toughness in him, and he is showing it. He made first-team last year, second team this year, and he is going to keep doing it. He’s got that swagger and that dog in him, but he is going to keep going at people. So, I don’t think anything is underrated. I think he is in a bad market.”

The Big 3 will invades New Orleans on September 1 to play the first half the playoff series and the finals will be in Los Angeles.

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Written by Landon Buford

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