Tik Tok Star Erupts In Diss-Track After Access Denied By Ice Spice At BET Hip Hop Awards [Watch]

Tik Tok

Famous Tik Tok Star Chaz Bruce who’s very known for his “Sink or Swim challenge.” I was grateful to attend the 17th installment of the BET Award Hip Hop Awards. The 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards was a recognition ceremony held on October 4, 2022. Fat Joe hosted the awards.

According to a viral post the TikToker posted, artist “Ice Spice,” known for her song “Munch” (Feelin’ U), was seen making her way to her seat before the awards show began. In the 14-second clip, he expressed how “he’s definitely a munch.” She reacted by smiling with a lite giggle and saying “word” as she continued to her seat. Did she curve him?

Many fans responded on social media saying Chaz was shooting his shot and flirting his way to the popular female artist. “You thought I was feelin you” he figured his shot didn’t go too far so he responded with a dis-track and knew it would drop.


I almost bagged Ispice at the @BET Networks HipHop Awards today 😊😜#brucegang #ispice #awards

♬ original sound – Chaz Bruce

In a Facebook post the Tik Tok star responded to the media by saying, “They really out here dragging it… Looks like this was the biggest moment of the BET AWARDS and I wasn’t even trying ..Now let me show you how to take advantage of a viral moment” “I’m about to record my dis track…


You thought I was feeling you @Ice Spice that sh*t was a Tok …. Stop dragging me like i was really trying to bag her…🙄 #brucegang #tok #munch #music #ispice #chazbruce0

♬ original sound – Chaz Bruce

“You thought i was feeling you..? that shit was a TOK … 6 Million followers you know that I’m hot, I recorded the Vid so you know it’ll drop like ……you thought i was feeling you?” Stay tune #Brucegang

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