Drake Gets Phone Thrown at Him During Concert: The Trend Continues [Watch]

It seems that even the biggest stars in the music industry are not immune to bizarre and sometimes dangerous encounters with fans during their performances. The latest artist to fall victim to such an incident is none other than Drake himself. During the opening night of his joint tour with 21 Savage, aptly named “It’s All A Blur,” a fan threw a phone at the Canadian rapper while he was onstage in Chicago, marking yet another surprising moment in a string of recent onstage disruptions.

As Drake delivered a rendition of Ginuwine’s 1999 hit “So Anxious,” a video of the incident captured the moment the phone was hurled at him. The footage quickly circulated online, drawing attention to the incident and leaving fans astonished. The phone hit Drake on the arm, but he kept his composure, not allowing the interruption to derail his performance or dampen the overall show.

While the phone incident was unexpected and undoubtedly a cause for concern, Drake’s professionalism prevailed as he seamlessly continued to sing along to “So Anxious.” A fan who witnessed the incident uploaded the video to TikTok, stating, “Someone threw a phone at papi.” The incident with Drake adds to a series of recent encounters where artists have had items thrown at them during their live shows.

Just last month, Bebe Rexha was assaulted by a fan who threw a phone, resulting in a black eye and the need for stitches. The fan responsible for the attack was charged with assault, attributing his behavior to a misguided attempt at humor. Pink also had an unsettling experience when a fan threw their mother’s ashes at her during a performance, leaving her both bewildered and disturbed. Similarly, Lil Nas X encountered a fan who threw a sex toy onto the stage, prompting the artist to humorously inquire about its origins.

These incidents shed light on the challenges faced by performers who strive to deliver memorable shows while ensuring their safety and the safety of their fans. While these disruptive acts may make headlines, it is important to remember that the actions of a few do not represent the majority of music enthusiasts who attend concerts to enjoy the music and support their favorite artists.

As Drake’s tour progresses, it is hoped that incidents like this will become less frequent, allowing both artists and fans to focus on the shared experience of live music and the joy it brings. In the meantime, it serves as a reminder that concert security measures are vital to protect both performers and concertgoers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of a live performance without any unwanted disruptions.

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Written by Cesar

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