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The Weird Future of Music: How AI Might Shape the Music Industry

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Are you a fan of music? If so, there’s a good chance that the music you love has been influenced by artificial intelligence (AI). AI technology has already radically changed the way we create and consume music, but what will the future look like?

AI is changing almost every aspect of our lives, and the music industry is no exception. From auto-tuning vocals to creating entire symphonies with machine-learning algorithms – the possibilities seem endless. As AI technology becomes more powerful and accessible, we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with AI in the music industry.

The future of music production could be drastically different than what it is today. With AI technology rapidly evolving and more musicians using it as part of their creative process, we are likely to witness an entirely new type of music emerge over the next few years. This article will explore how AI might shape the future of our favorite tunes!

The Possibility of Algorithmic Music

One possibility for how AI might shape the music industry is through the creation of algorithmic music. This kind of music would be composed by computers using algorithms that generate random compositions and sounds.

Computers can go beyond imitating existing sounds and create entirely unique and interesting works in their own right. Some people see this as a completely revolutionary way to make music, while others may not find it so exciting as they feel creative work should come from humans instead of machines.

Increased Accessibility & Relevancy

Another potential benefit of AI’s influence on the music industry is increased accessibility and relevance. AI technology will give users more control over their listening experience than ever before, such as customizing streaming services like Spotify based on their preferences or even filtering out specific genres or subjects from songs.

By having better access to more tailored content, users can enjoy a more personalized listening experience which could prove to be quite beneficial for both songwriters and listeners alike.

Robotic Performances

In addition to creating algorithmic music, there is also a chance that robots will play an even larger role in live performances in the future. Imagine if you could attend a show where robots were performing instead of a band!

On top of providing amazing visuals on stage (like lasers shooting out sounds or holograms dancing along with the beat), robotic performance drones could add intense energy to shows as they move around freely above audiences. It’s possible these unique performances could take concerts to an entirely new level.

AI-Generated Music Videos and Other Visuals

In addition to playing a role in our musical experiences, AI-generated visuals will likely become increasingly popular in today’s world. We already see some eerie evidence of this, with deep fakes taking off. AI-generated videos and images can mimic reality.

But we could eventually see this same technology used in the production of animated videos set against newly created audio tracks from algorithms. Or existing songs tweaked slightly for uniqueness purposes. Additionally, these visuals won’t only be accessible online. Concert venues might also be able to adopt them to give viewers even greater engagement levels during live settings!

Your Favorite Songs Covered By AI

There have been a number of people on YouTube who’ve used AI to generate vocals from existing artists to cover well-known songs. For example, Ariana Grande’s voice is used to cover Evanescence Bring Me To Life. The accuracy is creepy as the tone and pitch sound exactly like Ariana Grande, but it’s actually AI. 

You could get covers of your favorite songs from various artists and styles simply by using AI, and you wouldn’t know the difference. There may be some red flags using this type of technology because how do artists give consent to use their vocals if it’s not really them singing? Will there be copyright claims on tracks?

It will be interesting to see how the music industry will tackle the situation. Or if they’ll embrace this change and find a way to profit from AI artists who make these musical tracks. Some people speculate that they’ll use AI to generate songs from artists that have long passed, like Jim Morrison, 2Pac, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marley.

But what’s most exciting is that you can get high-quality royalty-free music that could have the same sound from your favorite artists that you can use for YouTube videos, TikToks, or your website.

More AI Musical Artists On the Rise

There has already been controversy surrounding AI musicians that have been created, such as FN Meka. He is a fictional rapper and avatar that was created in 2019. This AI artist has a Hypebeast style with shocking green hair. The digital rapper was even signed to Capitol Records but was soon dropped due to racial concerns.

But what does that mean for the music industry? Will we see more artificial musicians from every genre? Only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

For many years now, AI has been used to create unique mash-ups of songs and even compose music. DJs use AI to generate beats and sometimes even vocals. But lately, AI has been used to create music videos and help artists refine their sound. Artificial intelligence is progressing at a rapid rate. We’re excited to see what the future holds for AI and the music industry.

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Written by Landon Buford

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